CBCA Most Notables

Lovely news in that the book I wrote with Mitch Vane, Our (Last) Trip to the Market (which you can buy here) has been listed on the CBCA Most Notable Book list, which is the CBCA longlist, essentially. It's an astounding list to be on - look at those books - and I'm very pleased so thanks heaps to everyone who has been reading it and being lovely about it over the last twelve months.

Readings event

Hello. I'm speaking with the offensively excellent Kaz Cooke at the this event celebrating the release of a book of writing by my Dad, for which I wrote an introduction. I will think about what I might say once I have finished reading Kaz's really rather fascinating book, Ada, which you should all read more or less immediately.

Upcoming events

On Sunday 26 March, I'm reading from my new kids' book at the wonderful Darebin Kite Festival at 2pm. I will also be selling and signing books - and the rest of the festival will be amazing: hilarious performances, great music, art, food, and... kites.

The following weekend, on April 1, at 3pm, the book will be launched at The Little Bookroom in Carlton. Book here.


Me talking about my book

This is me talking on the radio with Jon Faine about my upcoming children's book, Our Last Trip to the Market. I also discuss the Darebin Kite Festival, at which I will be reading the book. More about the festival here

After our chat, things swiftly move into several more directions as we are joined by Sarah Wilson and then Emily Wurramara who sings like an actual angel out of the actual sky and who was a total legend.

Our Last Trip to the Market is being launched at The Little Bookroom in Nicholson Street on April 1. Call the bookshop for more details.

I wrote a kids' book

You can now buy a copy of my children's book here. The book is a celebration of the flawed art of multitasking with children around. The inspiration struck me when I was at the Ceres market and I overheard a parent who was reaching up to get something high off a shelf call out "get your hands out of the lentils, Serenity".

The line survives in the book, which captures the many different kinds of adventure that can happen when you think you're just going shopping. 

Illustrated by the wonderful Mitch Vane.

Welcome, stranger

If this site looks a little sparse it's because I chucked the old one out like the flippant 30-something I am, and now everything that was old is new again. If you're missing something from the old site, drop me a line and I'll see if I can find it in my pigsty. I mean, in my workspace. Thanks for stopping by.