The Fitzroy Diaries on ABC RN

From 16 July 2018 until 25 July 2018, you can hear my radio serial, The Fitzroy Diaries, on ABC RN's Life Matters each morning, at about 9:45am, right around Australia. You can hear all the episodes here, and a podcast will be launching soon.

It's about Fitzroy. It's about living in a big, changing city. It's about people being weird and funny and generous and odd. There are eight episodes. They're kind of like small radio plays. 

The series stars Jack Charles and Caroline Craig, with Nyawuda Chuol, Joel Davey, Stewart Farrell, Alexandra Hines, Luke Ryan, Stewart Thorn and an almost seven-year-old called Claudia. It was recorded by Richard Girvan, produced and script edited by Sophie Townsend, the sound design was done by Mark Don, and the beautiful illustrations on the website are by Sonia Kretschmar. 

Special thanks also to Geordie Williamson and Mathilda Imlah.