Asylum Seekers

This week, we interviewed Daniel Webb from the Human Rights Law Centre on Breakfasters. He speaks clearly and reasonably about asylum seeker policy and, specifically, what happened in the last couple of weeks both on Manus Island and to the asylum seekers whose private details were posted online by the government.

The interview is here.

More about Daniel Webb and the Human Rights Law Centre here.


Happy February!

I've written a piece in the latest Meanjin, available at all good bookshops. It's about my grandfather, who hand-drew a personalised newspaper when he went on an overseas trip with my grandmother.

He was a pretty okay guy, I guess. It's just been posted online here.

I'm also back on air with these idiots every weekday from 6am until 9. Bliss.



The word has been spoken

A few years ago, I finally met Alicia Sometimes .

Having an interest in the arts and being a human being with eyes and arms and legs, I of course knew who she was and acted super cool sitting alongside her as a guest co-host of her 3RRR radio show, Aural Text.

I needn't have bothered. There's nothing like the three second silence on air while Timesie shouts OH! WE'RE ON! and shoves her headphones on backwards, turns to you calmly and back announces a track with wild hair, a huge grin on her face, and flawless professionalism (her spoken word collection is amazing). You might not know about Aural Text, but chances are if you work as a poet, writer, independent bookshop owner, or anybody doing anything vaguely interesting or alternative in the world of writing in Melbourne, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Alicia announced today that she'll be finishing up Aural Text this year. It's a unique show that literally nobody else could carry off and it will be missed by lots of people who rely on it to get the word out, or have their mind bent by some weird track where someone talks about how to play golf under water for seven minutes. Timesie, you're hilarious and ridiculous and also a writer who now has time to write and for that among all the other things, I salute you. Thanks for everything.


Other people

Hello. Have you read Christos Tsiolkas's new book? Get on with it then. 

Here is a conversation about it, and about class, and race, and failure and success, and architecture and singing, in which I play the part of the person who is finding things interesting and not saying a great deal (although it is always the case that I should most probably have seized the opportunity to say less).

Three of the people in this photo from that conversation are broadcasters on Triple R, by the way (although only one of them wrote The SlapStuart Harrison is a very clever architect. I'm very sensible and hugely important and should be taken seriously at all times). The other person is Kate from Outer Urban Projects, who do actual tangible things with people in the community, some of which she speaks about here. 

In other news, it's November already. Stop that.


A good party

You know when you go to a party and the room is full of fascinating and interesting and witty and sartorially splendid people and you can't believe your luck and you're so glad you didn't stay home and watch Legally Blonde 3?

I've been to a few things that have felt a bit like that recently. Not like Legally Blonde 3. Like the party you want to be at.

If you haven't heard of Tavi Gevinson (or, just Tavi) then you're letting the team down frankly and if you just have a look at Rookie you might realise the error of your ways and we'll never speak of it again.

Tavi was one of a collection of interesting people I spoke to as part of the Conversation Hour on ABC radio recently. You can listen here.

This is a picture of us all. And yes I wore a skivvy and didn't brush my hair in order to partake in a discussion about fashion.

Junot Diaz came in to talk to us on the Breakfasters in the same week. He writes books. Excellent ones. And knows about history and politics and life. You can hear the fascinating discussion we had with him here. If you have Instagram you can see how excited we are here. And yes, it's the same skivvy.

One last party-related thing: if you listen to the Breakfasters, or Triple R, you can subscribe to the station here and if you do so by the 18th of September, you can win a frankly grotesquely expensive degree of loot. You also support the kind of media that isn't determined by advertising dollars. It's determined by yours.