Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas: coming right at you

Been ridiculously busy lately but so ridiculously busy I haven't had time to tell everyone how ridiculously busy I am. 


In the meantime, then, have a listen to this. This is me on ABC 774's Conversation Hour with Waleed Aly talking about the Stupidly Big Festival of Stupidly Small Ideas, which is coming up and which you would be a fool to miss out on.


We also talk about migration, medicine, and theatre - with Mohamed Khadra and Dan Giovannoni.


I'm in a new book


Doesn't this book look great?!

She's having such a nice time!

It actually is great by the way. I got kind of addicted to reading it the other day and I haven't even reached the chapter I wrote yet. 

To read my chapter or any of the other, better chapters: go here.


Some radio

Been talking on radio a bit lately with some smart people.

Here's me on 'the Wrap' on Patricia Karvelas's show on Radio National talking about what drives me crazy in the news cycle which, let's face it, is what anybody hears who is trapped in a car with me for too long and frankly I can't believe I got away with it.

This was a fun Conversation Hour. I got to talk with Malcolm Knox about the supermarket duopoly in Australia and gossip about an ancient Melbourne murder case with Gideon Haigh

I've spoken to these fine people on the Conversation Hour on ABC radio about IVF and various other interesting topics about which I previously not as educated. Look at me standing next to these smarties!



Stupidly Busy


So a few weeks ago, Stew Farrell and I started a website called Stupidly Big. We weren't sure what it was yet. Then we started a podcast, housed on the website. The podcast is half an hour long. It's called Stupidly Small.

Here's an article in the latest Broadsheet about it, and about what's been going on for us over the last few weeks.

And from that article is this photo by Peter Tarasiuk featuring us, sitting on tiny chairs.



Stupidly Small Thing

We recorded our first podcast today.

It's small. It's stupidly small. Small enough for your walk to work. Just enough time in which to do the dishes. 

Check it out. You might even like it. It's here and it is very sensible indeed.